I work at the Vancouver General Hospital as a registered nurse.  The long shifts can put a strain on my body especially my neck and back.  The treatments at Fairview Physiotherapy were extremely helpful.  It gave me balance to my body again.  I felt like I could do all my regular activities freely once more.  I was also quite impressed with the style of treatment at Fairview Physiotherapy. read more

Registered Nurse

I am very happy to have found Fairview Physiotherapy, and would recommend it to anyone.  After having tried other physiotherapists, I continued to be in a lot of pain and was frustrated with my progress.  However, Kenny is very different from the other physiotherapists and has helped me significantly.  He spends the entire appointment one-on-one with his patients, and listens closely. read more

loyal client

My name is Guy Moody and I am the father of a very committed 11 year old gymnast, Jessie Moody. Jessie is currently 2012 BC Champion at her level and second all-around at the 2012 Western Canadian Championships. As a high level athlete she is training 25 hours per week in a difficult and dangerous sport. As such, Jessie is constantly exposed to injuries both small and large. read more

Guy Moody
President Phoenix Gymnastics Club

I am most impressed by the caring attitude of my physiotherapist Kenny Mark and have recommended him to many of my friends.  He stayed with me working on my injured shoulders the whole scheduled time which can be quite rare these days in most physio clinic. read more

Jane Chu R.D.
Nephrology/ Dialysis Unit Dietitian

I began seeing Kenny as the result of a neck injury I sustained and was unable to resolve through various other therapeutic methods. At the time, the pain and discomfort I was experiencing, and the extended length of time that I had been dealing with it, led me to believe that the injury was permanent. Kenny was able to diagnose the issues at the first appointment and immediately began to eliminate my neck pain through a combination of gentle manipulations and acupuncture treatments. read more

Barry Warhaft
happy client