If you have a question regarding your appointment that is not addressed below please contact our reception team and they would be happy to assist you.

Do I need a doctor’s referral to come to physiotherapy?

A referral from your doctor is not required to receive physiotherapy unless you are being treated for a WCB or ICBC claim.

Some Private Insurance companies do require a medical referral. It is best to check with your provider prior to your first visit.

How quickly will I be seen for my first appointment?

We will make every effort to book an appointment within 24 hours.

How many treatments will I need?

Every condition is individually evaluated, based on the person and severity of their condition and patient activity expectations. Your physiotherapist will advise you of an appropriate treatment plan after your initial assessment.

How long will I be in the clinic for each session?

This depends on the injury and type of treatment you require, but expect to be in the clinic for approximately 45 minutes to one hour.

What is manual and manipulative therapy?

Manual and manipulative therapy is part of the rehabilitation process that utilizes a variety of hands-on techniques to restore normal mobility, reduce pain, and improve function after disease or injury. Manual therapists use techniques including joint manipulation and mobilization, soft tissue techniques, nerve mobilizations, stretching, exercise and education.

What is Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS) and who might benefit from IMS?

IMS is a technique that uses acupuncture needles to release painful, shortened muscle bands. Individuals with neck or back pain, disc disorders, sciatica, frozen shoulder, car accidents, some headaches and tendon pain like achilles or tennis elbow respond well to IMS. In particular, IMS is effective in chronic problems of neuropathic origin that has not responded to other therapies.

Does extended health cover my physiotherapy treatment?

Although everyone’s health and group plans are different, most plans will cover a percentage. Talk to your health plan provider for more specific details.

Does the government cover any of the treatments?

The Medical Services Plan will cover a total of 10 treatments of physiotherapy, non-surgical podiatry, massage therapy, and chiropractic services for those that qualify for Premium Assistance. For further information on Premium Assistance, visit The Medical Services Plan website.

I have been in a motor vehicle accident. Should I go to physiotherapy?

After you file a claim with ICBC, visit your doctor to discuss whether physiotherapy is appropriate for you. Most soft tissue injuries related to car accidents respond well to physiotherapy.