My name is Guy Moody and I am the father of a very committed 11 year old gymnast, Jessie Moody. Jessie is currently 2012 BC Champion at her level and second all-around at the 2012 Western Canadian Championships. As a high level athlete she is training 25 hours per week in a difficult and dangerous sport. As such, Jessie is constantly exposed to injuries both small and large. Thus far she has been fortunate, but all the same she still gets strains, sprains, pulls and the occasional bones out of line. 

I have been taking my daughter to see Kenny for the past couple of years. Kenny has provided solid care for Jessie that gives us both great confidence. His approach is very personal and hands-on. Unlike any other physiotherapist that I have been to, Kenny is completely focussed on Jessie when she is there for the entire session. It seems to me that his hands-on approach offers him great insight into Jessie’s athletic injuries and also into possible future injuries. He takes the time to not only address the issue that caused us to pay a visit, but also to advise on preventative measures to minimise future problems. Jessie does her best to follow Kenny’s advice and I am sure that, along with her excellent coaching at Phoenix Gymnastics, Kenny is the reason for her continued good fortune with respect to injuries. I am confident that as Jessie continues in her sports career over the coming years, Kenny will be an integral part of her success as he addresses her injuries with both a reactive and a preventative approach.

Thank you

Guy Moody