Stretching does not improved flexibility immediately. You have to continue to stretch regularly to increase your stretch tolerance.  Studies have shown that there is no significant difference between stretching for 15 seconds, 30 seconds or 45 seconds.  Also, there does not appear to any significant difference between stretching 1 time or 3 times.  Therefore, the optimal stretching frequency and duration is 1 time for 15 seconds.  Clinically, I tell patients to hold for 30 seconds because patients usually count twice as fast as the clock.  Sorry, its just what I notice 🙂 ………or I tell them to stretch for 15 “real seconds”.  There are many different ways to stretch a particular muscle…..if a particular way does not work, there are techniques and modifications to allow for a more effective stretch.  Please call us if you have any inquiries on how to tackle a certain tight area that may benefit from a stretching regimen or other forms of Physiotherapy treatment.  604-871-0365

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