Our one-to-one physiotherapy treatment style in private treatment rooms is a unique, personal model to effectively treat our clients.

Having worked in other clinics in the past under different treatment models, our Physiotherapists have realized that the one-to-one model is a more superior way to treat our clients. Many Physiotherapists at other clinics juggle between multiple clients at a time and leave clients hooked up to a machine while they attend to another client. While the client waits, it is also tough on the Physiotherapist to run around between clients. Also, there is just not enough time to thoroughly treat the patients under this model.

The one-to-one sessions at Fairview Physiotherapy solves these issues. By giving the client undivided attention, the Physiotherapist is able to thoroughly assess, diagnose and explain the client’s problems and still have time for treatment. This treatment model is much more effective and rewarding because it allows the Physiotherapist to really understand the client’s underlying issues which may have led to the symptoms.

Clients also see the difference in styles, and realize a preference to the one-to-one treatment model. As well, the Physiotherapist does not need to move back and forth between multiple clients, which means the Physiotherapist is not exhausted at the end of the day, but will have enough energy to focus on each treatment session. In this way, the Physiotherapist wins and the client wins!